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About Us

Considered to be Central Ohio's premier rock-n-roll party band, theJACK has been on the club scene for over 14 years.  Not just any ordinary gathering of musicians, each of the guys are top performers who are individually well-respected in the music community and masters of their instruments.  When combined, their individual talents result in a powerful show with a large-concert feel, songs mixed together and organized in rapid-fire succession creating an energetic party atmosphere. theJACK doesn't just play a list of songs one after the other, they make it a concert, a show, an event worth remembering.


  • RICK AYERS - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
  • ERIC "E-MO" MOESLE - electric and upright bass, backing vocals
  • ERIC MAUK - electric and acoustic guitars
  • ADAM THOMPSON - drums and percussion